Lizz Sandelin


My name is Lizz Sandelin and I'm an artist at the age of 29 from Sweden. Was raised at a place called Djurås but now lives in Torsby and its located near the border to Norway. I started to show my paintings public the spring 2010 and have sold around 300 paintings/drawings since then.

This year i focus on exhibitions, so far i have been on two this year and 3 more is booked in april. Hope to be seen in many more places in the future. I do Portraits aswell as inspirational paintings, the inspiration is from feelings, music and family. You can order paintings from your own request or buy something thats already for sale.


Välkomna till Lizz Sandelin!

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Webb:  Facebookwww.lizzyzzart.n.nu
E-post: lizzyzzart@hotmail.se